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Only two things create value in data: Infrastructure + Human OS

Next Machine aims to explore, understand and discover solutions to Client’s top questions on-demand with the highest degree of precision & accuracy. This requires us to iteratively apply and extend humankind’s most advanced capabilities, technologies, and knowledge.


Super-computing is one such powerful, leading-edge tool. “Super-Computing”, today is known as HPC (High-Performance-Computing) and is one ‘value brick’ we add to the foundation empowering your organization.  This will always be the ‘most optimal’ solution space of scaling questions and data.

                      Next Machine Gen (I)
Maintainable. Scalable. Performant.

Simplifies time-to-operation by building live machine learning pipelines right into our system architecture. People turn to us with the world's most rigorous questions – questions that can improve lives, unleash the unknown and make the world a safer, more sustainable place.

Core Competencies:

  • Streaming high-fidelity modeling 

  • Innovates end-to-end automated reporting solutions enabling businesses to convert data into revenue

  • Real-time comparison against RWO’s (Real world outcomes)

  • One central source of truth with security gateways

  • Best in-real-world predictive performance & efficiency use case machine learning pipelines (MLP's)

Supercomputing Center of Excellence

Next Machine Open HPC

  • Optimized storage capabilities

  • Reliable high performant clusters

Machine Learning Solutions

  • Live streaming pipelines

  • Real-time reporting & visualizations

  • Enterprise Accessible real time derived insights

  • Enhanced flexibility & agility

  • Accelerated KPI’s in custom dashboards

Data Center

  • Tampa Data Center

  • Co-Location Partner: Jacksonville, FL

  • Secured access, compliance & security 

  • Priced to scale

  • Applied Mathematicians

  • Cognitive Scientists

  • Development Operations Leads

  • Super-computing experts

Human OS

The talent outside machines

  • Unlimited interaction with deployment pods

  • Open Information exchange application layer

Supercomputing Center of Excellence

Machine Learning Solutions

Data Center

Human OS

Next Machine Gen (I)

Maintainable. Scalable. Performant.

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