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Computing capability has advanced exponentially for decades, to the point that computational modeling and simulation has become an equal partner to experiment and theory in achieving scientific, medical and engineering progress. Next Machine is dedicated to advancing computational innovation across the globe and inspiring the next generation of data scientists.

We will continue to solidify our academic, research and corporate partnerships and encourage anyone to be a part of this innovative and transformative wave.

Why we collaborate

Innovate. Integrate. Accelerate.


Why we collaborate >

“Using big data, analytics, and the cloud, we are starting to look at the entire machine complex to determine the extent to which introducing fault tolerances and upgrading accelerators would improve reliability without breaking the budget.”


Johannes Gutleber

Senior Engineer in Charge of Accelerator Reliability and Availability Assessment, CERN


Why we collaborate >

"Data are becoming the new raw material of business."


Craig Mundie

Senior Advisor to the

CEO at Microsoft

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